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Earth Conservation Act by PT. Samsonite Indonesia

The impact on environmental damage and climate change is real. Flood, drought, the decrease of soil surface until abrasion. As a form of mitigation, real steps are needed such as planting mangrove in the coast.

The fact shown that during tsunami, some locations with mangrove plantation didn’t get much damage because of its protection. However, the plant also have some other function. Such as to prevent the intrusion of sea water, prevent erosion and abrasion, and also as a place to live and food source of some species.

Those things inspired PT. Samsonite Indonesia to plant mangrove for the second time in Pari Island, Kepulauan Seribu. After the first planting took place in Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk, Jakarta on 5 May 2017.

Assistant PR Manager PT. Samsonite Indonesia Randy Siskandar said that this plan was a part of The Great Samsonite Trade-In, annual program from Samsonite which let the customers trade their unused old luggage (any brands) with 40% discount from Samsonite to purchase their new collection Samsonite Octolite.

“We make a difference for this year. Previously, we will sell the old luggage to help other sector, such as education or those who were the casualties of catastrophe, but this time we use the selling profit by Samsonite Peduli for the mangrove planting program,” said Randy.

Randy added, if customers didn’t bring their old luggage, Samsonite provides other alternative to join Samsonite Peduli program. They can give donation voluntarily. “Customers can choose whether they trade their old luggage or participating in donation on the provided boxes in all Samsonite stores across Indonesia. Total of the donation across the nation is Rp 71.539.600, 1000 won, 4 SGD, 1 RMY and 10 riyals.”

Environmental conservation efforts in the form of mangrove planting by PT. Samsonite Indonesia was done gradually. On the first planting, there were around 100 mangrove plants was planted directly by some of PT. Samsonite Indonesia’ employees.

The activity was chosen as a CSR program by PT. Samsonite Indonesia because of the environmental condition that is worsen day-by-day. Since any damaged happens in the coastal area could trigger a environmental disaster.

Meanwhile the Director of PT Samsonite Indonesia Ratih Darmawan Gianda said, “there are another several steps we are going to do regarding to our effort for environmental conservation through mangrove planting. Moreover, after we saw what happens in the field, we will proceed to the next steps anytime soon.”