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100 years

of innovation

By identifying trends and interpreting the continuing evolution of traveller’s needs, Samsonite continues to lead the market with innovative, high quality and stylish designs.

The story

of a lifetime

When Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite in 1910 in Denver, travel was once reserved for only an exclusive few, those who had the means to see the world. Given this exclusivity, travel was a high quality experience from the transportation, to the attention to service, to even the accessories used to carry one’s belongings

As one of the original brands in travel, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator for the past 100 years, to create stylish and high quality solutions for the world traveller. Today, Samsonite continues to lead the luggage category with the same core principles, further expanding Shwayder’s vision globally with design and innovation into product categories and consumer targets.

Ever since its earliest days, Samsonite has been the most innovative luggage manufacturer in the world. It has led the industry in using new materials and creating new designs. Here are just a few of the luggage landmarks that Samsonite has created over the years, as part of its tradition of innovation.


Early travel was an adventure into the unknown. The Shwayder Brothers, the company’s original founders, set out to produce uncommonly well-made trunks that would stand up to the rigors and challenges of early travel.


Just before the United States went to war, Jesse Shwayder introduced a new style of luggage, Samsonite Streamline.


The introduction of Silhouette, the most advanced luggage made up to that time, included a new, modern shape and was unique because its hardware was recessed to protect from banging and the wear & tear that all luggage receives.


All travel liberated millions of people as the world started to travel for business & pleasure. Nothing personified the 60’s executive better than the newly launched Samsonite Classic Attache case.


Launch of the new Saturn suitcase, the first polypropylene case whose structure was supported by injection moulded shells. This revolutionary design becomes the most widely accepted way to produce modern hardside luggage.


The first Samsonite wheeled suitcase is created – a true revolution in travel comfort and convenience.



Samsonite develops the award-winning Oyster case, as a response to the demand for lightweight hardside. Oyster was the first case with a 3 point locking system and would soon become the fastest selling suitcase of all time.


Samsonite introduced the ‘piggyback’ system on a suitcase.



Samsonite markets the four wheel spinner, making travellers’ lives easier.


Samsonite Black Label redefines fine travel goods. Black label stores begin to open in fashion capitals, along with the launch of the Black Label by Alexander McQueen.


Samsonite recognised lightweight & well designed luggage being important virtues of modern day travellers. We introduce our strongest and lightest collection yet, Cosmolite, utilising revolutionary Curv technology, which is exclusive to Samsonite for luggage.


Another Samsonite innovation is born: Advanced Hybrid Technology. This new technology is included in the new ranges Cordoba Duo and Sahora Regeneration.


Samsonite succeeded in creating an extremely lightweight three-point lock polypropylene collection, due to the new revolutionary polypropylene material called Flowlite.


Cosmolite is now even lighter, thanks to Curv Technology: only 1.8 kg for the 55cm spinner.


Lite-Locked: the pioneering light-weight collection is launched, merging a three-point locking system with revolutionary Curv material. Lightness has never been so Secure; Security has never been so Light.


B’Lite 3 is released, Samsonite’s best-selling B’Lite lightweight range continues to evolve and reinvent itself. This iconic collection keeps its strong design DNA, combined with enhanced features, optimised volumes and more protection, but now even lighter than before.


Cosmolite FL 2.0 The newest addition to Samsonite’s signature range, Cosmolite FL 2.0 is 2 the strongest and lightest Samsonite ever. With Cosmolite FL 2.0, you can travel lighter to go further.


Samsonite’s presents its latest hardside collection, EVOA. Elegant, sophisticated and striking, this breathtaking marvel of imagination and creativity is ideal for trendy business travellers constantly on the lookout to impress.


In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the first Cosmolite case, Samsonite is releasing an exclusive Gold/Silver limited edition in February 2018 to commemorate the momentous


Always devoted to inspire travelers with the best innovations, we will keep on walking Our Responsible Journey as we did over the past century. Samsonite, always by your side.