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Trade-In Program Harts and Astra

The Great Trade-In, Samsonite’s annual promo program is back!

Samsonite Trade-In program this year offers 40% off for a brand new Samsonite Harts or Astra for all customers who trade any of their old luggage to Samsonite stores.  HARTS or ASTRA products available in several colors and 3 sizes: Cabin, Medium and Large.

Harts and Astra Spinner products that are present in the Trade-In program offer a variety of interesting features for travelers from various backgrounds.

Harts spinner is a suitcase with polypropylene material that is suitable for business travelers who want to always appear in a modern style on their every business trip. Besides appearing in a modern design, Harts suitcase is equipped with a combination of TSA lock and anti-theft double zipper that increases security on every traveler’s trip.

On the other hand, Astra products come with a stylish look for travelers who want to look different. The exterior appearance of Astra products is designed with curves and hexagon-shaped Samsonite logos which are centered in the middle of the suitcase and the sparkling color of the suitcase makes the user look fashionable. The double-wheel feature that provides high maneuverability to the suitcase and the expander feature allows a traveler to carry more while remaining neatly arranged with the divider feature on the interior of the suitcase.

Line Description Harga Disc. Harga Setelah Disc.
HARTS SPINNER 55/20 IDR  4,490,000  40 % IDR 2,694.000
SPINNER 68/25 IDR  5,190,000 40 % IDR 3,114,000
SPINNER 75/28 IDR  5,990,000 40 % IDR 3,594,000
ASTRA SPINNER 55/20 IDR  4,490,000 40 % IDR 2,694.000
SPINNER 68/25 IDR 5,190,000 40 % IDR 3,114,000
SPINNER 76/28 IDR 5,990,000 40 % IDR 3,594,000

Nature Conservation Program with WWF-Indonesia

Samsonite Indonesia through Samsonite Peduli invites customers who want to join the program but do not own any old luggage to be exchanged, to donate voluntarily through the donation box provided in Samsonite stores as an alternative option for participating in the Trade-In program. All donations collected will be distributed in the WWF-Indonesia joint tree-planting program. This program is part of Samsonite’s commitment to preserving nature and the environment in a sustainable manner.





The Samsonite Trade-In Program runs from 28 February to 28 April 2020. Customers can join the Trade-In program by visiting the nearest Samsonite stores spread throughout Indonesia by bringing and exchanging old suitcases or can donate voluntarily. Trade-In program is also available in several leading department stores namely Sogo, Seibu, Galeries Lafayette, Metro, Central, Lotte, Centro, and Parkson.